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Friday, September 28, 2012

Answer #9 Question

How come you don't answer my question? The first email was worded . . . How come you don't leave Austin and get over it?

First of all, I had like 238 hits (questions) in one day on this blog. I take the first question so as to not be picking and choosing. Fair? Next of all I did answer your question. Fair enough? As to why I don't just move is do to the fact that I have so many wonderful friends and memories in this little piece of paradise called Austin. Also my wife has a job that she absolutely loves. If I were to pick up and move somewhere it would be back to Maine and the ocean. Check out my experiences on facebook! Friend me if you feel so inclined. I haven't been friended by my past political opponents however. Not that I didn't put in friend requests in their direction. Actions speak louder than words and I feel this is indicative of my having 'gotten' over it. Keep smiling - share the warmth!  

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