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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Answer #16 Truth

This guy sounds like the speaker of the truth - beware. He must know something about the inside of policing. I gotta read more that's for damn sure.

This question was posted on this blog. Well, I'm an ex-cop writing about cops and their experiences.  I'm not a journalist or whatever who is getting creative and writing about cops. But, my experiences are very unique and owned only by me and thus are reflected in my writing. I studied deviant behavior at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA. I Arrested a serial rapist in Austin MN who loved raping women while bashing there heads in with a mag light. I was told that I have a dark way of writing. How could I not with what I've experienced? These are just two experiences that I have in my memory bank. After serving and believing in a system of justice that spanned many years I had the felonious finger of the law pointed at me and thus got a unique taste of our system of justice. A psychologist told me that I had to deal with issues some folks only catch a glimpse of on TV. It is thus from the recesses of my brain born of unique experiences where my ideas spring forth. Thanks for the question. Keep them coming. It helps me generate thoughts in different directions.    

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