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Monday, November 12, 2012

Answer #42 Is your book in the Library?

An ex-cop coworker asked me this at the library.

Where it's at is having it's cover finished up out in California and the interior completed in Tennessee. I had no idea about this whole author/publishing deal when I started out. It's like DeMille did it, so can I. But it's been great. First typing the story out. After that you're working with editors and having volunteers read it. Then figuring out the genre. Next you have formaters who get it up to snuff for Kindle & Nook. The cover has to be designed and finally it's time for printing. OH, then you have to market the story somehow.

Yesterday I asked you good folks the alligator question - right? Well here's what happens. Baby alligators peep and this totally pisses off big bad-assed alligators. I thought this one was gonna jump in the boat.  

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