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Monday, December 10, 2012

Sample of emails today, I delete names to protect the Innocent!

Thank you and call when you have them. Much appreciated. I understand your book signing was a great success.. I am very happy for you..

                    Most Sincerely, _______

 I would very much like to have your new book. I think it is very special that you have found a talent to do this.

            I just live a short distance from you at _______.St.  If you would let me know the price of  the book I would be happy to write out a check for it 
            and have you sign it and drop it off at my house . I will be gone today but tomorrow would be perfect. Just let me know .

                     HAPPY FOR YOU AND WISH MUCH SUCCESS IN A NEW CAREER........_______

Hey Curt,
Congratulation on you and Peggy’s on new book. Although you wrote it she was and is there each step of the way.  I have a belief that for every man’s success ,  there is a goddamn great women, right there at his side,  to back his ass up....... We’re so glad that the book signing was a success. We will give you a call when our books arrive from Amazon. Until then, keep thinking the good thoughts and stick with the winners.

Mr. Rude;  I would very much like to purchase your new book - by the way congratulations.  I know I won't get to your book signing.  Please tell me how to pay you for the book - and where I could pick it up.  Hope you become a millionaire.  Did not like the way you where treated.  I am close to 80 and kind of outspoken.  Good Luck.

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