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Thursday, January 24, 2013

#57 Answers

Is this book some kind of bland thriller with with police dealing with gruesome car smash ups and troubled personalities. Isn't it kinda trashy? This book isn't intended to thrill you Clive Cussler style. No shoot 'em ups and spy's chasing Russians around. A cop read this book and told me . . . this is non-fiction Mister. You see in the real world there are people who think about sex, truths and behavior sooooo differently than you do. Period. That's one of the first things officers on the street learn. Another cop told me . . . man you nailed the accident scene. You see, I'm not some writer living in fantasy land considering how likable my characters are, how action packed the story line is and on and on. I'm an ex-cop who stepped on human fat on pavement and tossed up my experiences in this story. Trashy? I was involved with arresting a young man who raped a 85 year old lady. Trashy? Oh come on man . . .

I'm thinking the ending didn't have to be depressing. In real life all good things come to an end. This story wasn't intended to leave you feeling Pollyanna. It was intended to give you a different perspective on rape-suicides-lies and a taste of what the other side live like.

I found the characters flawed. It was like I wanted to shout at them and hit them. Flawed because they don't fit your concept of a storybook happy go lucky life? Wanting to shout at someone and/or hit them by the way is criminal - we can't have that now can we?

Keep the questions coming . . . and be safe out there! 

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