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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


                                                                   Front Cover
My dad always said you were one of the best. It's too bad you had to work with a perverted boss like _____!!!

Hey here I am with one of my heroes, Louis J. Freeh. He wrote a book about his stint as Director of the FBI. I'm at the front of the class being honored. See I'm not always talking and getting into trouble in class - Dr. Campbell. Seriously, I made the most out of this amazing experience.  I trained and researched under the most talented group possible. What I took away from the Academy resulted in the character development in JusThis. Though I write fiction, remember truth is always stranger than fiction and JusThis is plenty strange. 

Let me quote Mr. Freeh . . . "Over the course of eight years I was director, I had spent hundreds of hours at Quantico and in the field offices, telling our people that honesty was more important than the successful result of a case. For eight years I had been preaching accountability, assuring agents that is was okay to make mistakes so long as we acknowledged and learned from them. And this time we did it and took our lumps. The FBI was no longer an imperial culture. I'll take some credit for that."

Sadly it could be argued that Mr. Freeh and I were both done in by political games and leaders who were involved in unethical behavior outside of their marriages. Remember Monica Lewinsky anyone?

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