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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Justified in writing JusThis

I've been truly touched by the wonderful lives I have come into contact with. Some people are really good at pretending that bad things don't happen. They build safe, happy, little worlds to live in. They feel that the subject matter in JusThis isn't suitable material for dialog. I don't. Everyone needs to do their share to push for answers regarding criminal violence against women. I walked with folks during their time of need and am better for it. I have included comments with names deleted. Please keep them coming. Peace.

Hi there curt not sure if you rember me iam _____ and _____ oldest son you helped my mom when he comited suacide well my sister didit last about two weeks ago my number is _____ my moms is _____ iam defent looking to read your book than tring to figer out how to do it for the life road I have had with both suasides and dealing with my son on the rad I been with him also thanks

Mr. Rude, thank you so very much. I am a survivor of being raped and I know robin isn't me. I know I'm a survivor and somebody like you didn't forget. Thank you for doing this. It's important.

I need two more books please. I gave one to a friend after I read it in no time. I am also giving one to my daughter who is in her second year of school. _____ is a senior and I 'm giving him one!! They need to read your book!!

As a social worker I had to let you know that you absolutely nailed my clients. It seems you and I certainly dealt with the same individuals. I feel duty bound to inform my colleagues about your much appreciated novel. Many Thanks _____


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