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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mayor Steihm read JusThis?

I'd been invited to attend a Zonta 'Women against Violence against Women' presentation. I was strolling to the get together with the Mayor . . .  Him-"Curt I read your book." Me-"You did? I didn't know you could read." Him-"I hadda read it, smartass, there was something in it, I heard, 'bout a mayor. I had to know what you were saying. God you were really hard on Kathy!" Me-"I didn't have a Kathy in the book . . . Tom." Him-"Yeah right, F * * k Y   * * I mean come on, I wanted to help you when Philipp did his thing, but look what happened to Bonnie, when she helped Hecimovich out some."

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