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Thursday, July 18, 2013

What do I have in common with Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe and Lonesome Dove?

I got to hang out with their co-stars and extras. Ems got to be in movies sets as an extra . . . now she found herself hanging out with an author. Started out something like you don't look like a cowgirl to me, you have rubber boots on along with a baseball hat. I mentioned I never saw John Wayne or Clint Eastwood running around in that kind of get up. She figured I didn't much look like a Cowboy either in shorts and sandals. Oh well, another friendship is born I guess.
This horse was in The Lone Ranger. You'll see him pulling a black buggy around.

Yeap getting ready to head off yonder.

Thanks Ems and the Rapp Corral for everything. They worked on films including the soon to be released Janes Gotta Gun, Sequel to Lonesome Dove, The Missing, Lone Ranger, 310 to Yuma as well as a ton of others. I'll get ya a copy of my next western, Ems.


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