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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mines and Mayhem born of Incompetence in my next Novel!

do you have a xtra book ? do you ever come to dovi? I just got to go to my brothers this summer for the first time 20yrs or so... Bob and Elaine asked us out ..we went and say a lot of picts of my dad and mom never seen before... can we get together some time?

I'm ordering books so I'll always have them on hand. I suppose, depending on demand, I'll hang out in different places and discuss books, sign them and most importantly hear what the readers think. Only way to get better - right? I've also been asked if I'm going to write a story about my life. Nothing like that is in the plans, I have my hands full with three writing projects. One of them includes working with a Fire Captain from Chicago Land who, in my opinion, has an incredible style.
This by the way, was an incredibly old abandoned mine in Colorado. Took some nerve to even get to the place. But you know, if you're gonna include mines in a story, you best visit them.

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