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Sunday, November 3, 2013

And The WAY WE goooo . . .

Excited. So many folks, so many ideas and now here we go again. Another book if I can just get on top of the business end of things. First book was well received though some thought in all honesty it couldn't happen. I mean how could a chief of police use his position of authority to sexually assault a girl from a small town? Granted, I wrote this before Petraus, Filner, Anthony Weiner and on, and on, and on.

Now we're gonna take a look at a confusing place, found, between guilt and innocence. After cops nail the wrong guy, they start dyin' and no one is the wiser for it. No one, that is, except for one individual, who is committed to making rights outta wrongs. He's hell bent and determined to do what it takes to straighten out the criminal justice system, once and for all.

Okay folks here goes, do ya think it's plausible that officers of the law could kill someone and think they're in the right? Read the book. I'm working to keep the price down or check a library out. They may have copies for free. I'm figuring this is a book that just might get ya thinkin' they're out there and you have to know how to act.


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