JusThis / Brand of Justice

Friday, January 3, 2014

JusThis not plausible? Anthony Weiner anyone? Karl Pierson showed up at school with a gun, knife and bomb. Brand of Justice can and does happen.

I penned a story about a sexed up police chief called JusThis. Readers thought it was a dark, fast paced read but had difficulty believing a man could actually behave like Chief Pullet. Thanks goes out to the likes of Anthony 'Carlos Danger' Weiner, San Diego Mayor Filner and General Petraus. They were good enough to act out like Chief  'Blue Veiner Bride Pleaser' Pullet did in JusThis. I'm not the kinda of guy to say, 'see, I told ya so' but anyways.

I've released a story as of the first of this year called Brand of Justice. This story is not a continuation of the JusThis saga. Nope. Brand of Justice has a character running around with knives, bombs and guns. Can this happen? Really. Sparks Nevada anyone? How about Centennial Colorado? So lets see here, I don't suppose I'll be getting asked about the plausibility of Brand of Justice, which is actually pretty damned sad.

This book is dedicated to incarcerated innocence and the loved ones they've left behind. Memphis Three, The Dreams of Adda, Jerimie Hicks and on and on.


  1. where can i buy it? can i get both books/

  2. You can pick up my book at any of the sites listed on the right side of this page. If you live around Austin MN you can pick up a copy at Higgins Bookstore, 110 North Main Street. I am also putting copies up on Ebay. Thanks for the post. I hope this clarifies the matter. Both books are on the same sites.