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Friday, January 17, 2014

Review by an Honorable Chicagoland Captain

Must thank Captain Mike, it takes one to know one, very thorough review. I starred out spoilers.

I was 4 pages from the point I told you I thought I had the ending figured out. I got two things right, the victim and the ******.
      I guess that comes from your style of writing and reading your first book.
      Good story, good characters, nice dialogue, a little hard to follow unless you can get into western swing.
      The music was a nice touch, however I did not see where each song matched the mood of the chapter. Maybe it was not my kind of music, but I did not feel they set the scene for ****** or ****** with a train.
      The story is put together well, but I did not get hooked on reading it cover to cover without stopping, as I think I needed a little time to take it in and try an figure Who Done It.
      Having your main character go to cop school was a nice touch and it added drama to the plot. I like that aspect of the story. I may have liked more story line of the girlfriend. I understand it was not about SEX, but a think a broader look at the love angle would have added a little to ******. He could have reasoned that someday he might have to protect her and his offspring from the court system, ****** righting wrongs.

      I give you both thumbs up and my two pinkies up too. So two big ones and 2 small ones for your efforts.

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