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Friday, March 21, 2014

Micheal Tray

Tragic. Hopefully details will be released soon enough so others can avoid Mikes fate. Police train in matters of 'Officer Safety'. People have to address the issue of what I'm calling 'Police Perils' present in our society today. Cops are armed for a reason in our increasingly violent society and have to make spur of the moment decisions. I was recently stopped for a brake light and you can bet I exercised caution. Cops have no idea what, or how, the encounter is going to play out so make it easy on them. Cooperate and make no movements that can be misconstrued. This'll benefit the officers and citizens. This is why I'm hoping readers benefit from my story . . . Brand of Justice. I was a cop. I've been on both sides of the issue as I've just explained. I've also come to appreciate false arrests, over charging and wrongful convictions. It's happening folks.

Tray’s family declined to comment Thursday but have said he had an antique .44 Magnum revolver, a family heirloom that Tray didn’t want to leave in his car. The Austin, Minn., native had no violent past and his family suspects the gun wasn’t loaded. But those details haven’t been released by investigators yet.
“No one has any closure,” said Rob Taylor, Tray’s friend and former college roommate. “It’s not that I want someone to pay for it, but I just want answers. He was such a special person, and it’s just not right.”

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