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Sunday, April 6, 2014

This struck a blow with me.

Still strikes a nerve . . . an officer emailed me that the Lieutenant was exonerated. Apparently the officer claimed the woman tossed fluid in his direction and he was attempting to punch a container out of her hand. His Union Rep also claimed the woman tripped over a soda can. The officer that contacted me was gloating that the officer was found innocent of all charges. I checked. He was. The Chief attempted to terminate him but an Arbitrator over-ruled the Chief. I believe my own eyes. I believe monsters arrive in your life in uniforms or holding law degrees and the "System" turns a blind eye to this criminal injustice. I mean . . . the Chief made an attempt to improve his department. He tried and that's all we can do. Be very careful regarding that thing called 'Police Perils'. Talked to your kids. Please. It'd make life easier on everyone involved. The police. Parents. Citizens. Whomever.

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