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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cowan Award Winner

I made the most out of the opportunity to meet James A. Zarzana who is the 2014 Cowan Award Winner. He hails out of one of my old haunts, Sacramento California. We shared some moments regarding writing and the directions it has taken us. He is a fellow world traveler who also ended up in London. In a nutshell, our exchange boiled down to a shared passion for writing and creativity.

Dr Zarzana's book, The Marsco Dissident is a gritty look at a dystopian society where democracy and the rule of law have failed a world where science has been co-opted to support a ruling oligarchy. It is a world where chaos, disease, and poverty dictate the conditions of most people's lives. A believable world that has a sense of inevitability.

I appreciated the 'feel' his writing generates. You see, my writing involves a world where the law has also failed. Peace my friends, please enjoy whatever moments come your way today.

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