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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dangerous Mister Rude

"I get the feeling you're more about truth than fiction. You write it the way you see it. That's what makes you scary." - This from a university student from Winona State.

"You're a liar Curt, you said this book was fiction. It's not. This is how cops act . . . but do you think the public needs to know this?" - This comment was shared by a deputy who has long since retired to read and cheer for the Minnesota Twins.

I received this message last week. Great news and what a story.

*** has a new story to add to your blog for your books...college student turns tables on harrassment from NCHP...she called her work establishments Attny who showed up on the scene!!! Now NCHP is under the microscope....go ***

Finally I've cut and pasted the following comment from a reader that I received yesterday.

Thank You So Much, Will start reading soon as I receive next 2 or 3 books you have written. I love reading and hearing the truth and not lies like we get from some other Austin people, past and present. enjoy Maine.

I'll share the story of Old Buck in the near future. Until then keep reading.

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