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Monday, June 30, 2014

Distraught and Demented

Isn't it 'bout time to start howling from the high ground (or at least in the social media)? I just get that feeling we have to confront the human jackals and they ain't at the gate my friends. They are wondering around this beautiful thing called humanity. Man . . . it's like we all are existing at are own risk. I mean, now we have to confront the realities of the 'Suitcase Murderer'. This guy allegedly killed a gal from my neck of the woods. The whole ex-cop turned serial killer saga. But now-now, he's innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Lets reign in that beast of a court of public opinion.

I can recall William Faulkner explaining the best fiction involves far more truth than any other kinds of writing. I've had reader after reader call me out for claiming to have written fiction. The Mayor of a community in southeastern Minnesota got after me for being 'hard' on people in my first story. He left me with the impression that people don't need to deal in matters of the truth.

A Midwest Book Reviewer stated my work is strong but not plausible. A police officer could never do any of the things in JusThis. No matter I had 30+ years of law enforcement experience. Nope. My stories would make people wonder about the officers who are serving and protecting them. My thinking holds that if officers are of the community and not above it and are held accountable for their actions then good things are in the offing. That can only come if the truth comes out.

So there ya are. Consider me distraught and demented that truths are not acknowledged. I'll pick up the pieces of the truth and write another story because I consider the truth as our only hope. I've been called out for being dangerous because I don't play games and stick to the truth. Many thanks to Steven Zelich for finally getting caught, and in the process, validating my work.

More to come, but now . . . as Seger sang . . . it's off to Kathmandu.

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