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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Joe Arpaio and The Phoenix New Times

I've already scratched my head about what I suspected is narcissist behavior by Joe Arpaio. Four days ago the girlfriend of a businessman requested my assistance. She hadn't heard from her boyfriend who was in Scottsdale on business. She contacted Maricopa to possibly file a missing persons report and was told "Oh, he's in jail. That's all I can say though." This was after being on hold for 45 minutes listening to Sheriff Joe Promo Material. Stuff like 'My Jail is Always Open' and blah blah blah. No info was provided on the internet. No calls can be made to the jail. Just one recorded message after another. Once a Bail Bonds Person was contacted this man had to wait for another day and night after the bail was posted before getting out. That's the way the system is set up.

I called . . . same thing. Taped messages, no info and frustration. Remember before you condemn, this is a man who sat in jail for four days and three nights because of a traffic ticket. In this day and age of technology can't improvements be made?

The Phoenix New Times

Moral of the story . . . this 'system' needs to be modified. It ain't working in Arizona. We can only hope the Feds get it right. They are investigating this tough, hard as nails Sheriff. Remember ladies and gentlemen, Power Corrupts. If you never make mistakes and never ever forget I suppose you have nothing to worry about. If you aren't perfect or have an ounce of empathy then cross your fingers. Hope for improvements or even get involved.

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