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Sunday, July 6, 2014

RIP Norman and Geneva Scott . . .

Say a youngster is driving in a reckless manner and is involved in an accident. Deaths result. Mr. Prosecutor is hopping mad and promising felony charges should the driver miraculously survive. We all remember this kinda stuff-right? So riddle me this, what's the difference between a Trooper and a citizen who is involved in an accident?

State Troopers are highly trained heroes of our communities. They are taught lights and sirens are a necessity in the event they break traffic laws. They are taught lights and sirens only ask for the right of way, but do not guarantee it. Elementary my Dear Watson. They are taught that speeding cars seem to appear out of no where, even if lights are on. So, granted, I could be delusional and demented after I encountered an incident in Minnesota, on Hwy 52, where a Trooper broadsided a couple after they leave a McDonald's. Witnesses say the cars flew for 15 feet or more. If an untrained citizen drove like this and killed folks, Mr. Prosecutor would have stayed up last night arranging felony level charges-right?

The newscast reported the Trooper was headed to a medical. No mention is made over whether lights and sirens were activated. No direct reference is made over just how fast the Trooper was going. Aren't troopers the guys on billboards talking about stuff like 'Click It or Ticket' 'Speed Kills' and 'Extra DUIL Enforcement'? Aren't Troopers governed by the same laws of physics that play a part in everything? Do they not know, that having an accident, while going to an accident, ain't gonna cut it?

Why weren't simple questions posed by the reporters. Something like . . . Why was the Trooper driving so fast? Is the Trooper going to be held accountable like anyone else? Is a blind eye being cast on the actions of this Trooper by Mr. Prosecutor? Does the system protect its own? Why can't we see this horrible accident for what it is and learn from it? Does speed kill?

In the end folks, it's all about accountability. As my dear friend Margo stated . . . "It'll only get better with transparency." In all fairness, perhaps Mr. Prosecutor is busy overcharging kids for careless driving or something. Prayers, thought and concerns to the Scott family. 

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