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Monday, August 18, 2014

My thoughts on Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Missouri PD

Granted . . . I'm dealing with dished up info from the media. We saw in my story . . . JusThis how things are spun. So that being said, consider this. Micheal Brown is in a store and pushes someone into a display and punches the gal who was working at the counter. Brown is an enormous 18 year old, unarmed man, in a nasty mood. He's walking down the street and is told by Officer Wilson to get to the sidewalk. Wilson doesn't know he's just encountered someone who walked out of a store with cigars. Micheal Brown knows full well and must be wondering what's going to go down 'as in is he going to get busted? A struggle ensures in the car. Initially it was reported that the cop was trying to pull Brown into the car but I know, no cop is going to do that. There is a struggle over the Officers' weapon and shots ring out. Brown starts leaving the area but then spins on the officer and charges according to one account. He was 6' 4' and is shot in the top of the head. Sounds to me like he could have been leaning towards the officer. The witness who was in the store with Brown failed to mention the robbery. I'm inclined to believe from what I've heard so far that this was a justified use of deadly force. Browns actions put Officer Wilson in a horrible spot. Brown was unarmed but I get the feeling he could've been interested in arming himself at the Officers expense. One last thought. Why would a racist officer shoot someone, because they're black, in broad daylight?

My thoughts go out to Officer Wilson. One witness said he had a dazed and confused look on his face. That is the proper response, in my humble opinion, to having just taken a human life. Policing is a difficult profession.

As the readers of my stories know, I take opportunities to call out the bad cops for their actions. This time around, I'm getting the feeling that once the dust settles, there will be no arrest. This appears to be a justified use of deadly force.

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