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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No . . . please . . . not another politician approving another message.

Man oh man . . . talk about terrible times. Bar-knuckle terrorism in the cross hairs of President Obama. Goodell can't tell a decent lie anymore. I mean, where's Clinton when ya need him? He'll do anything for a buck and boy does the NFL need some good old Clinton advice about now. Talking about advice, don't ya think Bill should sit Hillary down, and in no uncertain terms, explain to her that she's running for President? One last thing . . . Governor Branstad is spending 4.1 million to get elected to a job that pays 130 thousand a year. He gets in and is bought and paid for. Right? I mean, pick your poison, select a politician and check 'em out. You ever get that feeling you've been degraded to the point of no return?

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