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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flogged by the Media & Jesse Matthew

In regards to yesterdays comments, I get the feeling the media is in the info business with a limited amount of monies and time to toss at stories. Issues are merely touched on and then it's onto something new to toss at the consuming public. Result . . . incomplete, inaccurate (many times) or just plain wrong info being dished up.

So consider your sources before your arrive at an 'informed' opinion.

In the expanding fallout from the arrest of Jesse L. Matthew Jr. in the abduction of Hannah Graham, authorities have agreed to further DNA testing in the case of Randy A. Taylor, convicted in the slaying of Alexis Murphy, a Nelson County teenager who disappeared last year.

Did you folks catch this? Matthews is suspected of being involved with sexually assaulting, disappearance and deaths of numerous women on the east coast. Now we have an individual who was imprisoned for the murder of a gal demanding DNA testing to validate his claim of innocence. Do you ever get the feeling you are being flogged by the reality of these strangely hellish times?

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