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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Interesting points being Exposed by Ferguson Missouri

The citizens do not trust those who are paid from their tax dollars, to serve and protect them. The police respond with military hardware which draws comparisons to Tiananmen Square. There was a lose of life that initiated all of this scrutiny. Now the Freedom of Information Act is being circumvented. Yes, the city officials are obligated to follow the law but that doesn't mean they can't get 'around' it. They are managing the release of information by making it prohibitively expensive. It is almost makes you want to stand up and scream ENOUGH! Now the Grand Jury is taking the long road to arrive at a decision. Makes you wonder if the people in positions of authority are dragging this out, in the hope, folks lose interest and just go away.

The good that has came out of this? Community Based Policing (as being displayed by Ronald Johnson) has come to the forefront as a means to an end. The citizens keep pushing for progressive change. We've already discussed why Darren Wilson is going to be cleared for his actions. Enough said?

Finally . . . thanks for this reply.  But remember, the issue here isn't less police, but more effective policing. I feel the angst.

wait until some one needs the police and they don't show up because they are afraid they might offend some one...you can always call some one else to help, oops, no one will come to help anymore...you'll get your wish-no more police harassing you, congratulations.......  

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