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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Media, Ebola & The Blood of Lambs.

Okay, here we go. The CDC Director keeps tellin' us that Ebola is hard to get. Almost impossible-right? Nobody on planes have anything to worry about, blah-blah-blah. Then we see ambulances quarantined, individuals entering the apartment with space suit looking outfits on. So what is the deal anyways?

Kamal Saleem writes an incredible story of a Terrorist's involvement with Death and Redemption. Let me quote from his book, The Blood of Lambs (pg 242) 'So when I read in the New York Times that CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper accused Zak, Walid, and me of "hate speech," I did not know whether to laugh or run the newspaper through my shredder. Maybe both.' He also points out how the media would forget to get his side of issues before running with some sensational story.

In my story, Brand of Justice, readers read the following. . . 'As the reporter dutifully took notes, Jankowski added, “Then the chief's wife went out and killed herself because she couldn’t stand losing such a fine husband. I’ll bet that McMurphy killed the chief or had one of his druggie buddies do it. Then Junior Beane stuck a knife in him before the truth could come out. I think McMurphy had it coming. After all, Junior figured that McMurphy was messing with his wife. Junior did us all a favor by doin’ away with the bastard. It woulda cost the taxpayers plenty, believe you me, to put him away. Like lots of other folks around here, I’m gonna send the Beanes some cold hard cash to help Junior get off." When the reporter talked to other patrons in the restaurant, they generally agreed with           Jankowski’s assessment of the chain of events that had put Normal in the spotlight nationwide.'

More on this tomorrow.

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