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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Criminal Sexual Conduct / Police Officer Resigns / JusThis

I penned JusThis about a sexually gussied up, self-styled Internet Don Juan, who happened to be a police chief. One police officer said I hit it right on the mark. "That is about as real as it gets." Ed pulled me aside and told me he read it and knew who all the players were. He said I hit it right on the mark because I was a cop, and a damn good one, for too long. A minister was concerned that people do not need to know the stuff in JusThis. He claimed they need to believe in those who are serving and protecting them.

I disagree of course. Stinking your head in the sand is never a good thing. So anyways, a Lieutenant on the force in my own backyard resigned yesterday. He had a lot of good things about him. But he leaves women in his wake who are broken hearted, disillusioned and distrustful of police officers. Hey, I guess two of them are married to lawmen! Sad but true. I do not want to name names. No need to add to any embarrassment. Anyways, the City Attorney is very adapt at the 'cover up' game. It will be more difficult if the women do not play along and demand accountability in terms of criminal charges. I suppose the County Attorney could pull the wool over a Grand Juries eyes and make the bad thing go away. They covered up for their past Chief and will do it again. What that Chief did, to a wonderful woman did not matter one iota. Nope 'Statute of Limitations'. I already know how the press release will read.

So just in case you're wondering. JusThis happens everyday but many prefer the see no evil hear no evil deal. If you're not one of 'em read JusThis. It's in the library. Barns and Noble can get it or it is on all the internet sites. Amazon. Istore. Nook.

I thought JusThis was an important story that needed to be told. I have daughters after all.

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