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Monday, December 22, 2014

Turning Backs on de Blasio?! Trouble Brewing in the Heartland!?

As if having two officers killed isn't bad enough. Then, New York's finest turn their backs on their Mayor because he warned his son to be careful around cops. I was in law enforcement for many moons and I warned my kids about proper behavior around cops. Hey, it's why I wrote Brand of Justice. Those ol' cops were paid to be in attendance to perform crowd control. Their unprofessional and immature behavior was clearly Dereliction of Duty-they can't do what they're paid to do with their butts facing the crowd. Good thing most cops are professional.

I've landed in a hornets nest. Seems like locally, one officer was naughty. Really naughty. The paying public have been kept in the dark of course. I was told it's bad. Really bad. The officer quickly resigned and hit for greener pastures in Rochester. But still no word is offered to the paying public. 'It's like . . . just keep giving us your tax dollars and we'll take care of your women and children. Well at least your children.'

One of the good ones. A great cop stopped by for a chat and wanted help understanding this mess and why he/she feels like the department's hallways are slick with human scum. I was like . . . 'yeah . . . I hear yeah'.

He/She said. "I thought we hired officers to protect our women from this stuff. The place is already reeling from the Brownsdale Deal! This on top of that might make us all look bad."

I asked "Jeez . . . how is the nincompoop handling this? I mean he can do something. We had the first Chief, a.k.a. The Computer Love Machine. The Mayor somehow made that look good. He can do something about this."

"The women wanted it with the Chief. It's different now Curt."

I stood corrected. "We'll alrighty then. The current leader of the pack can do something."

"Oh . . . that's just it. He's more worried about Arron Rodgers and that 'Pack'. His hands are full with the X-Mas Party. Guess he's struggling with what kind of Party Sub to dump on the troops."

I'm like, "well perhaps he's under stress or something and hiding from the problems. I mean. This is what I call a first rate morale problem and this clown might be asked to leave the circus he's leading. He has already dealt with this guy on something, right? Perhaps he'll get it right this go round."

"Well that was the garage deal but we all thought he screwed it up. We turned him in but look at what happened. That's what he does. Make things worse. Im'ma tellin' ya Curt, this is bad and he'll screw up and make it worse."

I tried to comfort the poor officer. "We'll, if it's as bad as ya say it is, he won't be-able to screw it up any worse. He'll duck behind Trish down at City Hall. That's what he always does, is runs for cover. He keeps it up, hell, he's going to be in really good cardiovascular shape for a guy his age cheering on The Pack. No wait. It is going to be a Patriots 'Hawks Superbowl this year. Oh well. The Computer Love Machine is headed to town for the X-mas Party. Perhaps he can councel the good ol' boys!

"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit."

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