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Friday, January 9, 2015

Phone Calls and E-Mails . . . Trouble in the Heartland.

Phone jingles and I'm like . . . "Hello" . . . "So what the hell's goin' on with your old department Captain?" . . . "I dunno and don't much care. I'm hunten' for Hunter Thompson." . . . "Yeah whatever. Listen up for a sec. Rene' said he quit cause two women were fighten' over him and he got sick of it. He's in Rochester. Gonna work over there at that new place there puttin' up. Security. Anyways, the house is up for sale, $350,000 bucks and he's gettin' the Big D!" . . . I clear my throat. "I dunno what it matters but listen it's only gossip. Prove it." . . . Then this Investigator pauses for a moment. "You know that other investigation they had about him. That was all messed up wasn't it?" . . . "Yeah. I already talked to **** and that's what he thought. He was a cop for a long time. He should know."

Then I got to thinking. The bigger issue involves the contempt our public servants have for us, the taxpayers. The media follows suit with the whole implied consent deal that Chomsky always ranted and raved about.

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.
Noam Chomsky

In the end, I guess it's just water over the damn (I attribute the spelling there to a certain degree of angst). The public doesn't really care how the monies are spent and can live with the 4.5% raise in our taxes.

Then I got an email message and another call regarding police behavior in good ol' Austin, MN. To be fair . . . before I dish the 'Camper Caper' onto the blog I suppose I should have  proof. I'm guessing there is proof . . . but who knows?

"Here's your proof Captain. The for sale sign is up. Why don't ya buy it now that you're a big-shot author!"

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