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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

La Boulangerie Cafe, Veronica and Curt Rude

Okay, the Chicago Reader, in Chicagoland, is discussing Veronica and Curt Rude? What does this mean? Perhaps some Chicagoland readers could enlighten me here. I know a smart fellow from Skokie . . .

Bit of wisdom here . . . do something as in good today for someone . . . you'll feel better for it in the end.

La Boulangerie Cafe - Chicago Reader

Chicago Reader
The manager, Veronica, is extremely curtrude, and unprofessional. I was giving her a delivery order over the phone (all I wanted was a mix of baked goods to  ...


  1. Good Lord you find a post on a set of web pages that is more then 3 years old and ask for a comment.

    First, this is a great little bakery located right on the main North/South "L" line leading to down town Chicago. It is a very busy place each morning when hundreds of commuters from the surrounding high rise apartments fill the place to overflowing and in a hurry to get to work with their lunch fix.

    Second, the people that work the front counter are very busy and the person that called is a known pain in the royal butt as this is not the first time she has posted smack on line. So the ,manager knew the voice and told the caller to just come to the shop and they were very busy so a phone order was not possible.

    Third, this is Chicago and this manner of doing business in not uncommon.

    Fourth, they do not know Curt Rude and if you called I am sure they would hang up on you too.

    The Chicago Reader is a great source of news.

  2. Many thanks for the info. Suppose I may have to check it out come summer. Thanks for the warning about being hung up on. Sounds like you're from Chicago.