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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Debra Milke persecuted by lying Scum aka Detective Saldate

'As Always Anonymous' posted the following question on my blog the other day . . . I'm posting it here cause it could be important. Take a second and read it before clinking the link below.

 Just think, some of you want Jodi Arias to be put to death by this system of justice.

Well Yea, Why Not??????????????????

A jury of her peers found her Guilty as Charged while a whole bunch of people in 2 juries say yes, but a lone hold out with an agenda has forced a pause in the punishment she deserves for murdering her lover.

Send her to Utah to face a firing squad.

As Always Anonymous

I wrote a fictional account (Brand of Justice) of a story Debra Milke lived. Lying scum, Detective Saldate, was believed over Milke by an informed jury of her peers. She languished for 22 years on death row for a crime she didn't commit! You cannot have a Criminal Injustice System lord over life or death decisions. Listen to this lady, who hails out of Arizona where Jodi is from. She had to put up with all the pundits who wanted to just kill her and be done with it because a 'Jury' did in fact find her guilty.

The Criminal Injustice System is like a puddle of urine that has flowed to a neighborhood near you.


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