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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do you Believe in a Jury System?

I received the thought provoking question below. Yes I do believe in the Jury System. The System is full of holes and thus cannot or should not be put in position to make a life or death decision however. People aren't perfect, jurors are people so listen, they can't make these kinds of decisions. If Fox is reporting this correctly (we've seen in Brand of Justice how they routinely can mess up) here is another problem. The Criminal Justice System can't even pick an unbiased Jury.   

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - The revelations that juror # 17 has a connection with prosecutor Juan Martinez came as a shock to the other 11 jurors serving on the jury in the sentencing retrial of Jodi Arias.

FOX 10 spoke to one of those jurors and she believes that juror #17 should not have been on the jury.

"She came in there with an agenda," said the juror.

FOX 10 asked her what she thought that agenda was?

"To get back at Juan Martinez," she said. 

That is the reaction from one juror after learning that Juan Martinez, was the prosecutor who sent juror # 17's ex-husband to jail.

"She had a connection, and she did not disclose it, and I hope they prosecute her for it," she said.

It's still not known if juror # 17, the lone holdout, disclosed the information about her ex-husband or not, but the other jurors believe she had her mind made up from the beginning.

"Tuesday morning she walked in and told the foreman to text the bailiff because she was declaring that we were a hung jury," she said.

The jurors say they continued to work on juror # 17; asking her for reasons why she would not vote for the death penalty.

"She kept saying that this is the way I perceive it, this is the way I feel, I believe that she would not give us any evidence," she said

The revelation that juror # 17 has a past connection to the prosecutor is casting even more doubt on the vote that keeps Travis Alexander's killer alive.

"If she did this because Juan Martinez prosecuted her husband it is absolutely despicable... she has put us through hell, she has refused to give justice to his family, it's despicable," she said.

Juror # 17 has not made any public comment about her decision. Of course, if she chooses to, FOX 10 would provide her the same time to provide her side of this issue.

Still believe in the Jury System?????


  1. you are write on! love it! you nail everything in a word or to! the Jodi question is long and you aree on the mark with a couple of sentence are you pro cop or a cop stopper? When are you coming to Madison we need you

  2. Either or I guess. I'm about the truth. Madison? Who knows. Keep me posted.