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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Really? Nobody really cares about Public Employees and Porn!

Look . . . I encountered a Chief of Police (Local Level of Govt) who was knee deep in some of this stuff. He was canonized and provided a plaque and any accountability was carefully swept under the rug. Granted, he didn't show up for his Retirement Celebration. Perhaps he has amended his behavior and is back to being a loving husband and father.

Now there is concern at the Federal Level that porn and employment go hand in hand. I'm thinking from what I observed at the local level, people really don't care about porn. I suppose we could make it some kind of benefit. You know, something like an option between an hour of porn a day or a dental procedure. I'm thinking there must be a wife or two out there who might throw a haymaker if they find out what their spouses are up to at work. Hubby's'll  need some dental work done in their second year of employment. I gotta think wives have more brains the public employees.

Extra Extra read all about It! Porn and Public Employees.

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