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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Women failing 'The Attitude Test' with their Protectors & My Round-table discussion from Last Night

#1 Lt Josey Smacks Woman Cops Thrilled

#2 You Never Seen This on CHIPS

#3 Michelle Jordan Cuffed and Driven into the Pavement

#4 Megan Sheehan's Face Planting

With #1 Lt Josey is cleared of any wrong doing after his Union successfully claimed he intended to punch a beer out of her hands and her face got in the way. Cops had flooded the Courtroom and loudly cheered on their leader . . . the good Lieutenant.

With #2 the Highway Patrol quickly settled with this woman to the tune of 1.5 Million. Enough said?

With #3 the LAPD quickly settled with this lady to the tune of $550,000. I would have held out for more by the way. I mean they cuffed her and then face planted her. Think the LAPD was feeling somewhat guilty for this stunt?

With #4 the brutal beasts feloniously assault Megan after she became mouthy. I guess a lack of respect should result in lost teeth and broken bones according to some who wear badges.

Last night I moderated a discussion regarding the 'Evolving Nature of Policing in America'. I noticed some who have not had daughters beaten by officers; still clinging to a shred of hope that all hope is not lost regarding those who protect them. Some even look for ways to defend their defenders! Here goes.

  1. Cops can only use the minimal amount of force necessary to overcome physical resistance.
  2. Cops can't deliver whup-ass when someone is being mouthy.
  3. We have viewed Criminal Assaults here. I mean . . . if ya don't believe me, plant a woman's face and see what happens (just kidding; you get the point).
  4. Just think, these are the guys who arrest folks for domestic assault. Serious case of hypocrisy here anyone?
Why is the Code of Silence enforced so stringently? In Megan's assault, why did the other officers remain silent when the false report was filed? They were there, they seen it. When asked this last night I said cops aren't as brave as you think, they want friends, they are a band of brothers who obviously go with the path of least resistance. If they informed on some of the 'street justice' & 'creative report writing' they experienced day-in-day-out I suppose they'd be concerned with finding themselves referred to as ex-law enforcement!

I'd hold out for a minimum of 5 million if I were Megan. Those brutal critters in no way want this going to a jury. That being said . . . juries believe everything men in uniform say. Don't believe me? Checkout The Innocence Project.

Sorry for the long post but I thought it important. Finally talk to your daughters for me.

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