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Friday, July 17, 2015

Chief Joel Rae and Deputy Bob Delvalle well be back . . .

Allegations have been well presented. The good ol' boys club will survive. No worries. An improvement plan will be tendered (for the Chief and his partner in crime) and a good officer, Kristine Bantle will be dealt with. She has to be silenced. I heard you good folks but in the end  . . . ultimately apathy will strike her down. Shame. She was well plugged in, from what I heard from you folks at the library. She was a Liason, she presented well at a graduation, she was the right person but end the end . . . apathy will do her in. No one well ask their elected officials why. No one will remember how good she was for her community.

I know the charges haven't been released yet, but I'm about reading between the lines, before the system gleefully protects the bad ones and does in the good. Now it's off to Telluride. 

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