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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Being Curt Rude

I wonder if I know the business of being Curt Rude. A plug here, drum roll please . . . I do know the business of Tinkey and Dub . . . my characters from Brand. Anyways, the reviews were posted as a splash . . . they're available on the Amazon Website after all. I highlight others thoughts and comments in yellow and respond away. So if ya wanna read the reviews just click on the book cover. Keep the thoughts coming my friends. Just keep 'em coming.

You really need to view your blog. The layout tiles are fucked up. Your book links are covering up the emails you posted. This really detracts from your message. It shows you do not know it all about the business of being Curt Rude.

1 comment:

  1. Well you finally put down your wine and beer glasses and read all of your emails and corrected the error of your ways of being Curt Rude. You have just one week to reconnect before we head South. The Donut Connection is no fun place without you. You know how to reach out to me.

    Your Chicago connection.