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Monday, September 28, 2015

Holding a Belief is a Crime? Say what!

Information is the key. All points of view must be considered before we land in better tomorrows. How does one go from being a hero (Airman United States Air Force) with a spotless record to an inmate and subject of this scorn?

Looking forward to Grand Forks and all your questions today. Is always interesting to consider options for better policing. I shivered at Ms Brays comment that the family had altered the crime scene but have to believe she was misinformed. That . . . my friends is the point. Improvements to our Justice System! That is why I hammer on with my brand of social fiction. To improve. To learn. To be better.

By Eric on September 8, 2015
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The claim that Jerimie Hicks is innocent is a crime in itself. I am from
Great Falls, and I remember this case well. Below I have included information
 from the trial.
A person who would shove a child into a wall hard enough to dent the wall is scum,
and deserves the prison sentence he got. Please do not allow this author, or the
 criminals involved, to profit from this local tragedy.


"Hicks, who was alone in the house with Kaelyn when she sustained
 severe injuries, claimed that he shoved her into the wall out of frustration,
but that she was fine after suffering minor injuries.
Hicks told police that later the girl fell down the stairs after
tripping on their puppy.
Emergency responders and doctors who later worked on Kaelyn
that day testified that they did not believe the girl's injuries were
consistent with a fall down the stairs."
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