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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

At least I tried . . .

The information in and around this book is based on lies. The hicks family, who Mr Rude holds so highly, wants nothing more than for their sociopath son to be released. They have gone to great lengths to help him including cleaning up the crime scene of the three year old girl he murdered! everything that happens to Jerimie Hicks and his sick family is deserved and does not come close to equalling the brand of justice they deserve! Go back to drugs mr. RUDE, at least those delusions are explainable. There is no explanation for profiting from the murder of a child! Shame on you Mr. Rude! Kaelyns momma.

This can all be sadly attributed to the ongoing suffering of a grieving mother. The book, its story evolved from my experiences in law enforcement. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction and I told this story long before Ferguson and on and on. I did not conclude that the Hicks family is 'sick' but only suffering their loss. My drug of choice is coffee and I am not delusional I can assure you. If I was on any other drug I would not be in a position to write stories and I guess actions speak louder than words. My stories capture what is going to happen and what needs to be improved. I choose to not forget Kaelyn. I choose to live and learn. I choose to share in the hope of better tomorrows. I am comfortable realizing I tried.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: At least I tried

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