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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great To Know Minnesota has an Innocence Project.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Roger Lee Olsen doesn’t talk much about what it was like to spend two years in the Stillwater prison labeled a child rapist.
“I was supposed to have been killed in there, that much I will tell you,” he said, his jaw trembling.
Olsen was freed in 2008 once Houston County investigators discovered evidence that led them to believe his accuser, a former stepdaughter, made up the story. But even back in society, his life remains in shambles. Still living in his hometown of La Crescent, he’s unemployable, and his mental and physical health have deteriorated. Worst of all, he said, no one — not the prosecutors, the police or the state of Minnesota — has ever said, “We’re sorry.”
Now, for the first time, the apology will come from taxpayers. Olsen is among three wrongfully imprisoned Minnesotans who will receive compensation under a new state law that makes him eligible for payment for the time lost behind bars and an array of other damages, like physical and psychological injury.

Your innocent until put under indictment. Then The Court of Public Opinion occurs. Nice World we live in - huh? 

By Shawna Tipton on September 8, 2015
Format: Paperback
This just discussed me as a mother that someone could write a book like this and be able to look
at him self in the mirror...So sad for this little girls mother and family to have to continue going
through more heart brake over what this man did

Let it be said . . . 'Brand of Justice' was written to include all points of views and not to be
directed by hate and scorn.I can't in an any sense tackle this comment because I get the
notion you did not read the story. You live in Montana, what are your thoughts on
Barry Beach, Shawna? I stand by this story and would write it over and over again.
We need to be informed, we need to be in the know.

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