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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Another Day Another Shooting

This from a guy who hails out of the Windy City. Thought provoking. Still one has to wonder why the officer who shot the man was on duty for a year until the dash cam video was forced to be released to the public and then, and only then, did the officer get charged. Did the other officers voice any concerns regarding the shooting? Was it an assassination?

Way to far for me to understand WHY. Watch the Video and learn what is on the front line.
Tearing lights of of Christ Trees and a Catholic Priest telling people to lay down in the center of Michigan Ave on Black Friday to stop traffic on one of the busiest shopping days. He is seen yelling Black lives Matter while holding back two things. There are more Black on Black shootings than White on Black shootings. There is a major Gang war going on in Chicago right now and all of these people are ignoring what is happening in there own communities so lets take it the streets and shout Kill the White Mother Fuckers.

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