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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Islam Coming to a Police Dept Near You?

This is the one thing that will spread to a town near you just wait and see.

But how can such a platform be created in a region that has been unable to overcome a 1,300-year schism in Islam, the Kurdish drive to create a country that the ethnic group has never had and the attendant complications mixed in by a plethora of other religious and ethnic minorities. The defeat of IS, if it happens, will not solve those deep and underlying divisions.
A final political solution likely will require the resettlement of large populations driven from their home territories by the Iraq war, the Syrian civil conflict and the expansion of IS. It will require compromises that haven't been made for centuries. It is a huge mission that will take a long time to accomplish - if it ever can be.

Just let in a few more of these nuts like our President demands and the seeds already planted on our shores will bear fruits.

This writer shared a very important view point. Think about it in our times. The Iranian Hostage Situation. The Wars. The Taliban is still a live and well and - and - and . . . I mean, where is the Solution?

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