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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Laquan McDonald dead . . . Officer Jason Van Dyke charged . . . Fellow Officers & Union supporting Van Dyke

As per yesterdays post . . . there is anger, a certain angst all over the matter of the cop in Chicago assassinating the kid on the street. Strong feelings resonate over the matter for both sides. The cop and the black man. 'Assassination' is the word I choose to describe what I observed from the dash cam by the way.

The questions that boom from my thoughts are as follows.

  • Why was the tape suppressed for a year? I'm not buying the on going investigation. Common sense applied here . . . what new leads were being followed after a year?
  • Did any of the others who were on the scene to serve and protect take exception to this incident? How is shooting a guy 16 times warranted? Simply spontaneous gun fire? Over kill? or lets consider this . . . how is the use of deadly force even warranted in the first place?
  • Why did the prosecutor file charges minutes before the video was released?
  • Was Officer Jason Van Dyke allowed to remain on active duty during this year long investigation? If so . . . weren't we all possible victims of his implementation of authority?
  • Is the Union and supporting officers seeing the same dash cam video the rest of us have seen?
This is how it is explained in JusThis

Corruption is and always has been imbedded into the fabric of governmental systems. When a simple truth is revealed that might be construed as threatening, action is quickly taken to silence the voice of truth. The status quo must be maintained. Words are used to confuse and impede. The reins of power are held tightly in the hands of a few privileged individuals.

As the old saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are required to confront our daily decisions with pride and determination, and we must see our mistakes as life’s opportunities for learning. It is ignorance that binds evil to goodness. When we hold others accountable for committing the wrongful acts, then do those same things ourselves, we are hypocrites. It is, as it always shall be.

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