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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Before the Bombs went Boom (ISIS & Abraham Lincoln)

Well now . . . everyone is talking about what this blog considered days before more had to die. Anonymous responded the other day, before the bombing in Brussels, that ISIS gathers together making it easy to bomb them. Now we're finding out they are sneaky. We do know some of them have been well trained by american advisors in the War On Terrorism. Then they became bad guys. We all know money is the root of all evil. ISIS has been funding its operations from the sale of oil. Any guesses on who is standing in line to purchase it? I bet they are getting it cheap. You think ISIS is purchasing medican and food for its people? Nope. Allah provides them kinds of things. Ya think the cash is purchasing items from arms dealers? I mean they are not suffering from a lack of weapons.

The Military Industrial Complex is hungry. It needs folks who require death before it can feast on taxpayer dollars. Beheadings and everything else you can think of sure has everyone clamoring for more tax dollars to address this problem. Oh think of the money for an expanding police state world wide to keep us safe. The black market well provide for the boogiemen keeping them armed and dangerous.

Abraham Lincoln had this to day. "Bless all the churches (mosques) and blest be God (Allah) who in this our great trial giveth us the churches (mosques)." I figure President Lincoln was focused on faith and thus took some liberties, as you can see.

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