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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Fear of Knowledge

These reviews posted on Amazon by Shannon, first one for JusThis and the second one, for Brand of Justice. Rest assured I do not know Shannon. It would appear she has experianced pain in her life and thus is motivated by scorn. I get it. I could approach Amazon I suppose and strike her 'I did not, nor will I, read this book' but yet I will review it. I was in Montana for the trial. I heard the words and considered viewpoints from all sides of the issue. I also visited with an FBI Agent who befriended Ted Bundy. You see, it's about understanding the issue. Here goes . . . if Mr Hicks was so bad why was he left alone with a three year old in the first place? Has he experianced major changes to his life? What can be done to avoid so much heartbreak in the future? It's important to consider all viewpoints. Fearing Knowledge is a Choice. The Nazi's had a book burning.

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Format: Paperback
I did not, nor will I, read this book. This man says he attended the trial of Jerimie
Hicks? Who he quotes on the back of the book? If he did then he saw video
testimony of Jerimie admitting he bashed in a little girls head, and then put her in
pajamas and left her upstairs in her bed to die while he tried to clean the evidence.
To quote him and portray him as a victim completely sickens me... Mr. Rude the
real victim was Kaelyn Serene Bray... She was three... And Jerimie showed his
character when he hurt her, and left her injured for hours. How dare you profit from
 my sisters heartbreak

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