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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Random Messages from you, the Readers

We stay positive Rude. We love your never ending support.. It means a lot to us. Write on!
Sometimes it is way too hard to remain positive is'nt it?

whats next in your smash grab life?
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and thus I've recently scored a quick snap camera.

I am very happy to visit your site and i did like it. I was able to get some informative topics. keep it up and you can also visit my site for your reference. Thank you and have a good day.
I well visit your site and many thanks for the words. You want me to post your site on this blog?

My guess you will be on a jury because you are a world famous author and they are really stupid to call you for jury duty.

I hope they pick you for some of the drug dudes that ask for a jury trial. I hope they make you the foremen too.

Go get them my friend and be sure to write a book about you experience as a jury foremen.

And no worries about the free book as I will pay for one just like I did for the other 2 books that you still have not signed. 

In town and I wait for a meeting with you.
Me a jury foreman? Have to see it to believe it. By the way my appearance was cancelled today so there ya go. Been in this jury pool for a month now and oh for the love of plea bargains, I have not had to go to the Courthouse of Enormous Egos once.

love your life. started following ya on twitter. you on top of this thing called life. live well my friend. u deserve it111
Many thanks to the 1's.

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