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Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump - Muslims & The Big Picture

He got a guy killed in Yemen and Iran is closing the door to Americans and the Muslims are worked up all over the world and you voted for trump?????

Now lets not jump to conclusions here. Where did I ever mention my voting preference? It's a violent world out there and I can't blame the lose of a Navy Seal on Trump. I mean really . . . how could it be construed that Trump killed a service man. Now correct me if I'm wrong . . . weren't the Muslims worked up before Trump landed in office? Finally, Iran has been less than hospitable to Americans and Western culture in general. So they're closing their borders. Some wrestlers are upset but really. We'll survive this border closing.

Here's a thought for y'all. We voted a businessman into The White Office. After having politicians and lawyers running the show for what seems forever . . . isn't it about time? Perhaps good will come out of this.

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  1. Great answer Curt. You are one cool customer. It seems like it is so easy to get carried away in these times of horrible headlines. Keep up the great work. Loved both of your books.