Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Julie Seedorf

Met a great writer from Cozy Cat Press. Julie Seedorf has been writing Fuschia Minnesota Mystery's. She has stories out such as 'Granny Hooks a Crook'. You can check her out at Sprinkled Notes

And…the best part was a big Valentine heart that she called mystery candy especially for me. Of course I didn’t eat all of it there, it is sitting next to my bed for candy while I read. Thank you Book World and Sharon. It was so much fun and I met so many nice people.
Photo also of Curt Rude, author of Justhis and Brand of Justice, also signing books at Book World in Albert Lea.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh for the Love of Cover Ups and you thought JusThis was fiction!

In the end, the lady who speculated that the officer drew down on himself and almost shot her husband was relieved. Usually a grandchild is with the man and would have been standing where the bullet traveled. Has anything been learned from this incident? We'll never know because we are in a 'Love of Cover Ups' state of mind. A Lieutenant resigns, he is granted a couple of months of pay to just go away silently. Gotta keep that 'Love of Cover Ups' deal going.

When Chief of Police Philipp resigned to save the Department and Community any anguish over an affair he had that was that. The Mayor said something to the affect he had been harder on himself than the Community would have been.

A Department Head stopped in two days ago and we chuckled on that account. All the money the Chief wasted, resulted in all employees having to account for their phone calls whether it was sex driven or not. He speculated Philipp wanted to get caught. I disagreed. It was an obsession that turned into an addiction. I have all of the pictures and am considering posting them for your consideration. It happened in this place and it can and does happen in your place!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Canadian's asked for It!

Ivy's Bookshop
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Winter is a great time to curl up with a book. Ivy's is now offering Brand of Justice. Back in the lower 48, Book World of Albert Lea is running a special on JusThis and Brand of Justice. Barnes and Noble has both copies of course. Now lets see . . .

I suppose we should follow up on the sordid tale of the 'Goofiest Police Shooting never Heard About' in Small-town America tomorrow. Kinda crazy, but there are Cops on the force ain't never heard about this. Just think, this shooting occurred in this day and age. Man it's a shame so much of this stuff has to be swept under the rug. Let's hope the right people on the force know about this and have made it a learning opportunity for all involved.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

In the Spirit of the The Seattle Seahawks & Superbowl, I worked with this Hawk! He was a great Cop, Player and now Grandfather!

Photo scanned from Pro! magazine

Austin officer, ex-NFL player, retires

“My office was a squad car,” Lt. Dave Simonson said as he cleaned out his locker - complete with a photo of his grandson, 15-year-old artwork from his kids and his coveted purple combination lock - at the Austin Police Department Wednesday.
Simonson is retiring today after 27 years at his only job ever in law enforcement.
“It's time to go,” he said. “I've got plenty of things to do.”
Although he is hanging up his badge, Simonson has left an indelible mark on his fellow police officers and will continue to do so in Austin, Capt. Curt Rude said.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Part #3 Goffiest Police Shooting never Heard About

So anyways let's see here. The wife opens the camper and looks around. She figured the cop crawled into the camper and spun around and saw an armed man facing him with a gun. It was his reflection in a full length mirror. He pops off a round, the bullet goes threw the camper wall, whizzes passed the two guys standing outside before plowing into a Volkswagen hood. I took pictures. I guess Barney Fife is alive and well. This happened in Austin Minnesota and could happen in your town.

Transparency? Na, like the Cop Investigator said, 'we don't have to say anything to anybody, do we guys?'

Any ideas what we could learn from this shooting?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Part #2 Goofiest Police Shooting never Heard About

So the cop doesn't find anyone (or as cops would say - Perps) in the camper. He crawls out of the camper and stands around with the Bondsmen. They are kinda just lookin' around but nobody brings up the shot or the fact that a Volkswagen hood was killed (joking). It doesn't seem like the polite thing to do. They just kinda kick around in the backyard hemming and hawing some. After a spell the cop and Bondsmen hit the road. The two men who had the bullet  whiz between them (missing them by inches) start to talking. Something like this . . . "What do you suppose that was all about?" "Christ a guy can get killed standing around here when Austin's finest show up." "Don't cops know how to use their guns?" "Didn't even get a I'm sorry!"

A little later a Investigator Cop (as it was explained to me) shows up. Really polite and that sort of thing. None of that "Just the facts" "I'll run ya in if you don't cooperate." Nope very polite. These two bewildered men kinda point to the bullet hole in the camper and the Volkwagon and talk some on where they were standing, that sort of thing. Then the Investigator Cop makes some really friendly chit chat and says . . . "Ahhh, will golly jeez . . . we don't probably have to say nothing about this do we guys? Do we fellas? I'm mean shucks." He shrugs his shoulders like he wants to be friends. He leaves. A wife of one of the men shows up and attempts to figure it out. I'll share her thougths in the next post.

I'll bring up your questions in future posts. We'll get through this and please be careful out there. Especially if ya live in Austin Minnesota, have a camper in your backyard, and a cop shows up. "Hands Up; Don't Shoot" doesn't appear to always work. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goofiest Police Shooting never Heard

So I'm in Colorado chasing down the memory of Hunter Thompson. Interesting. Right? Anyways I get messaged about a shooting and I'm thinking ya-ya-ya. The gal is like . . . "This sounds like the Officer who stopped those kids in the pickup." (She was referring to a book I wrote - Brand of Justice.)

Did this really happen? I don't wanna touch it without some kind of proof. Well I get back to the Midwest and nose around a bit with questions and my trusty Canon. Oh . . . lordy . . . looks like it happened.

Bailbonds Men and an Officer (Lets keep names out of it) encounter two men in the backyard of a residence. They are looking for a gal. They ask if anyone is in there and point to a camper. "No, it's padlocked you can see." The Officer asks for permission to search it. So the officer crawls through a window while everyone else is standing outside. Suddenly a shot rings out. The hood of a Volkswagen is pierced by a round. One of the men dives to the ground and the other one hollers . . . "Are ya alright in there." The officer responds, "Yea, I'm fine."

More on this tomorrow.