Friday, February 5, 2016

So I'm asked if I'm Nuts

Got ta thinkin' on that question. An oak tree is nothing but a nut that stood its ground. So I guess I agree as I plunge into another day scouting out truth in the layout of the land. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Many Thanks in all Seriousness to The TSA

Terrorist Watch list WOW.. I believe it. My last trip from San Diego I arrived at 7am to be in Austin at noon straight through. They stopped me because I had a rock tumbler for Marcie in my bag. Induced an argument. Never belittle security. They finally let me through. Diverted to Nashville and arrived in Austin at 1:30am. Met some cool people in Nashville during the lay over though. Are you going back to Colorado?

I find my inclusion on some sort of 'Watch List' as silly but hey . . . its happened to many good folks as evidenced by this email. I am very gratiful for the work they do. I never complain when waiting in long lines.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Talking about What I Write about

So help me God!!! I had the thought of the day. You might also become a very outstanding Rabbi. You can blame the above suggestion to the pills I am taking. At least they make me laugh today anyhow your very Jewish Angel and who knows what else.

I've bounced all over this country talking up what I write about. Its amazing . . . truly amazing how many wonderful folks I've had the opportunity to meet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Truth & Nothin' but thee Truth

Are you fucking nuts? Posting you with that book and poking fun with the TSA folks.
These guys have no sense of humor and picking a fight with them is not going to get you off their silly lists.
I fail to see how this works in promoting your books. Did you not study the McCarthy years?

I loved this question. In a nutshell . . . I thrive on the Truth 'bout like a dandelion hungers for sunlight. It's true . . . I've landed on some sort of 'Watch List' and have no explanation for it. I will, dear friends keep ya posted on what transpires in the near future. I'm flying out west soon. Anyone read any good books lately? Just kidding.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Making a Murder

Hey stranger. I love watching what you are doing. Good for you. Just curious if you have seen the Netflix documentary? I have watched it twice. Tell Peggy I said hi.

I've been asked again and again what I think of Netflixs' effort. I'm thinking they are spot on and applaude the film. The issues raised were exactly the motivation behind my writing 'Brand of Justice'. I was a cop. I was wrongfully prosecuted. I was there and it's a driver behind me wanting to shed some light on the need for Criminal Justice Reform. I was yelping about this issue before the President mentioned it. Yes sir . . . I wrote of police sexually assaulting folks, I wrote about cops wrongfully arresting individuals. I was told by stories are dark but could never happen and then along comes them pesky cameras.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Different View on Black Lives Matter

So I'm driving. I get pulled over and slid my hands out the window and holler "I'm unarmed! I mean you no harm officer." He takes my info back to his squad and my passenger, who just so happens is a specialist in proof reading books, not that that matters, says . . . "Oh aren't you overacting. You're not black, he isn't gonna shoot you." Officer comes back and thanks me for how I handled myself. Oh yeah! I have to remind my passenger that I'm a professional on these matters.

Then I got to thinking just how fractured the police/black relationship really is.

Friday, January 29, 2016

'Compassion Over Killing' The Truth


This 'evidence' was gathered and handed off to the Police and USDA. Animal Abuse allegations which were all denied until the video came out. Right? What do you think? We are discussing accountability and these incidents were occurring on private property so they can do whatever they want. No charges were ever issued . . . nothing like we'll drop charges if Hormel makes a donation to PETA or what have you.

Anyways . . . this just in . . . after this incident another one occured where an employee took some kind of action to minimize an animals discomfort. Entire Story He did it in front of a Department of Agriculture Rep who immediately shut down the plant for a bit. I get why a happy face is planted on this by a Food Processor but how can a public employee (USDA Rep) remain mum? Where's accountability? None, they want you to believe in them as you swallow food produced by them. When you watch this do you get that . . . 'I've been BS'd' feeling? Mister Upton Sinclair . . . the story remains the same. Praise goes out to Compassion Over Killing for the truth and the reader who tipped me off to this atrocity.

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.