Friday, December 19, 2014

Henry Rayhons-Angela Brown as told in 'Brand of Justice'

By many accounts, Henry and Donna Rayhons were deeply in love. Both their families embraced their marriage. The case has produced no evidence thus far that the couple’s love faded, that Donna failed to recognize her husband or that she asked that he not touch her, said Rayhons’ son Dale Rayhons, a paramedic and the family’s unofficial spokesman.

Based on evidence generated so far, state prosecutors are likely to portray Rayhons as a sex-hungry man who took advantage of a sweet, confused woman who didn’t know what month it was, forgot how to eat a hamburger and lost track of her room.

So technically the Iowa Attorney General wants is persecuting Henry for Felony Rape and perhaps put him away on a minimal sentence requirement. I guess one has to be living with ones spouse to have sex with them.

After years of watching her son suffer with the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, Angela Brown turned to medical marijuana as a last resort. It worked, but the decision has left her facing criminal charges.
Minnesota this year became the 22nd state to approve specific forms of marijuana for medicinal use, but prosecutors in Lac qui Parle County don't want people getting a head start. When the law goes into effect in July 2015, it's likely that Brown's 15-year-old son would qualify to access the cannabis oil he was already taking; however, the mother from Madison, Minn., is now facing two gross misdemeanor charges, including child endangerment. Each charge carries a penalty of one year imprisonment and a $3,000 fine.

The County Attorney in Madison Minnesota isn't commenting regarding the felony charges he dumped on this loving mother. I would like to ask him how many knock out pills are required to be choked down so the little County Attorney can sleep at night. This is from 'Brand of Justice'  “You see . . . I’m only here tonight cause I’m righting wrongs. That’s a notion new to you I expect. You a big time lawyer. If you were even half as good as you think you are we wouldn’t be here tonight. You see, you’re the lawyer. Oh excuse me, I mean pro-see-cute-her. So you don’t ask the right questions, you don’t do nothing but get innocent folks found guilty is all. So whaa-laa, heeeere’s” Tinkey screamed “JOHNNY” causing Toppan to scream and her dogs to bay loudly.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What? John Crawford+Tamir Rice+Charles Eimers+Eric Garner not to mention the brutal treatment of Angela Brown.

Take a quick peek at the last couple of posts. Death and Mayhem in the Brutal State of America. Our 'Serve and Protect' System fully endorses no accountability thus realizing no benefits of true reform.

Indulge me while I play the Devils Advocate-Or-should I call it Police Officer Advocate?!?

John Crawford gunned down in a WalMart. (We thought he was armed. So we cornered him and gunned him down. Hey, we don't carry these weapons to look good ya know. He could have been dangerous to the public ya know. Better to act than react.)
Tamir Rice (He was reported to have a gun, so we didn't figure we needed cover. We just pulled up next to him and got to blow a twelve year old off the swing set while getting out of the squad. Hey, he was pointing a gun at people upsetting them. We didn't know it was a toy, so there! We got to shoot first and ask questions later. Hey, we're doing a tough job and want to go home at the end of our shift. We're heroes after all.)
Charles Eimers (Oh, by golly, he lost his temper when we pulled him over for reckless driving, then got in a high speed pursuit. He was speeding and endangering the public. Then the silly man jumped out of his car and had a heart attack. So senseless.) What about them darn video cameras? (Them people using them to tape us should be charged with Obstructing Justice! Dag-gone-it! I mean, we're involved in life and death situations and so what if he ended up with ten broken ribs. We tried to spar the family anguish by getting an illegal autopsy done. He probably broke them himself and bleed out the ears to make us look bad.Yeah, and guess what Mister? a Grand Jury found us innocent so we are free to brag about how 'he dropped like a f-ing bomb on his head.' Besides he was arrested back in the 90's ya know so that shows you he was a trouble maker.)
Angela Brown I've already ranted long enough. Let's hammer away on this issue tomorrow.

If you were wondering . . . I know I served this system as an officer . . . but dammit, I never pulled these stunts and am ashamed of the paranoid, brutal actions of a few that make 'em all suspect. You can't even get out of a car with your hands up any longer without wondering if you're going to be beaten to death.

For now, if ya get stopped, pray, pray really hard that someone is around you with a video camera. Best way I suppose to avoid the heavy handed approach to the national epidemic of police violence.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Police Officers vs Charles Eimers - Hands Up Don't Shoot - He dies Anyways

I mean . . . what can I say? 61 year old probably loses temper, takes off, jumps outta the car and is beaten to death. Yesterday we seen how the system takes care of itself. Let me plug in an arrest scenario from Brand of Justice. I've also included a link to the whole Charles Eimers incident. I get the feeling he was law abiding and did something stupid and paid for it with his life. Ten broken ribs! Anyways, the system (Grand Jury) failed to better the Law Enforcement Community. No Indictment.

Ready Set Click!

This from Brand of Justice . . . Dub was practically on top of him before the young cop spotted him. Ma was hoping Dub could talk some sense into the young whipper-snapper and get her butt outta the car. Then her morning got even stranger. The young fella went to fumbling and pulling on his pistol before finally pointing it at Dub. He was also hollering.
“DOWN on the ground—hands up . . . DOWN on the ground . . . DOWN—DOWN . . . NOW!” Dub looked at the kid officer, with an expression conveying the fact he’d never had a gun pointed at him before. He wasn’t sure if his hands went up first or if he should sprawl out on the ground then stick them out. He froze up on the dilemma. He never was much for questions and certainly wasn’t going to start asking them with a Glock pointed at him. The confusion was suddenly cleared up. He was tackled from behind by the detectives from the house.
“Hands up, asshole . . . now . . . hands up. Keep that gun on him.” Then he felt punches or kicks. “Quit resisting, scrot. Now, hands behind your back. You hear me, scumbag . . . hands up noooow!” Dub was hearing it all. He just wasn’t sure how to do anything with his hands due to the fact they were pinned under him. He wanted to say something but the words couldn’t be gurgled out under the weight of the two detectives crushing in on his back. The punches hurt. Then the prying started and before he knew it one of the detectives had painfully pried his arms out from underneath him.
“Okay, asshole, you just added a resist to the charges . . . do I make myself clear? Resisting, buddy boy!” Dub was hauled to his feet after being cuffed. Then it came to him, the young cop was Dylan Klebold, the same feller who stopped Tinkey out on 220 for the brake light. He had no idea why that little piece of useless information popped into his head, but it had.
“Okay big guy . . . your ma already went and told us that you hauled off and whacked her good. Didja feel good doing that asshole. Huh?” Dub was thinking some on whether his shoulder or wrists hurt worse. The handcuffs had been clamped down plenty tight and his fingers were tingly.
“C-c-c-can. C-c-c-can. My hands. C-c-c-c.”
“Look, you always talk like ya got a load of manure in your mouth? Or are you a stutter box? Haul off and hit a woman. If you’d do as you were told . . . you little piece of shit . . . just maybe I’d loosen ‘em . . . if’n that’s what your whining ‘bout. If it was up to me I’d tighten ‘em some is all Im’ma gonna say. You hear me boy?”

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It ain't just about Eric Garner. It's about how the game of justice is played.

Well lets see here. We've been peeking into issues regarding Prosecutor Misconduct long before Eric Garner was choked out and the Prosecutor got to playing games. Take a sec to read a piece from my story JusThis. Those who scored the book know.

Corruption is and always has been imbedded into the fabric of governmental systems. When a simple truth is revealed that might be construed as threatening, action is quickly taken to silence the voice of truth. The status quo must be maintained. Words are used to confuse and impede. The reins of power are held tightly in the hands of a few privileged individuals. As the old saying goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We are required to confront our daily decisions with pride and determination, and we must see our mistakes as life’s opportunities for learning. It is ignorance that binds evil to goodness. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

As a former Cop I do not feel right about Tamir Rice!

When the going gets paranoid the paranoid become cops. I mean, really. Shot off a swing? Lawmen are taught the Use of Force Continuum. What happened with 'show me your hands'? What about taking a position of cover? Caliber Press anyone? I can already hear it from the other-side. How the cops have a tough job blah-blah-blah. I was a cop for too long to not know the difference between good police work and not so good police work.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advice to keep Ya safe from the Nebraska State Patrol!

Okay. Here goes. So lets say your in Colorado. Recreational Marijuana is like legal in the Mile High State - right. Your trip ends but wait. You have some of the expensive stuff left over. What'd ya do? Well let me tell you what not to do. Do not leave the state with it, period. I was motoring eastbound on I-80 near the I-76 interchange and presto ran smack dab into Nebraska's finest, complete with a team of drug sniffing hounds. They had signs posted and appeared hellbent on gettin' it done. Them mutts were sniffing up a storm around all the cars driving into the checkpoint! Man,shivers ran up my spine thinking of folks getting hauled in for possible felony charges. Funny isn't it  .  .  . felony on one side of the border and fun and games on the other.

Talk to your ski loving kids. Get the message out before a badge is lumbering up to their car or 'vehicle' as the lawmen call 'em.

A gift idea here, the story 'Brand of Justice'. It can help your kids out. It can result in discussions about liberty and injustice, oh sorry, I meant justice for all.

Merry Xmas.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Garner Protests in New York and beyond.

Nationwide! People being arrested? You are getting it done. You are being heard. Things will get better. Keep it up. I wrote the stories below before Brown and Garner we killed.! It was just an effort to peek at this situation before death, fires and passion swept the US of A!