Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nothing but Nothing

DUse of Force Issues . . . Citizen Complaints . . . Militarized Police. The list goes on and on. But look. There's hope. Check this info out from Rialto, California. After cameras were introduced in February 2012, public complaints against officers plunged 88 percent compared with the previous 12 months. Officers' use of force fell by 60 percent.

Now I suppose we should consider the camo outfits from yesterdays post. Them things don't work in the snow anyways. Perhaps attire to go along with the Captains expressed desire to appear more nonmilitary. Something like . . . I got it . . . civilian police uniforms. That'd work . . . right?

Oh. Many thanks Jayne for these comments regarding Brand of Justice This book is very good if you like a mystery and a book about cops and who done it type books.

Now I'm long gone to Moorhead-Fargo & Mayville. While in New York City, I was accused of loving the promotional aspects of writing vs the actual writing of the stories. Okay . . . I admit it . . . it's always about my readers and I have to take time out for them!

Yes . . .Yes . . . there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where is Andy Griffith when ya need him?

This just in. On the one hand you have Chuck Samuelson, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union pointing out the following . . .  “We’re beginning to see that there are certain tactics that police use, certain equipment that police use, that treats a community more like an occupying force,” Samuelson said. He backs up this statement with facts and figures.

On the other hand you have Police Captain McKichan saying “It’s unfortunate in this day and age, but gun violence is pretty prevalent. We recover several guns per month.” Then in attempting to justify his stance he mentions that the police hope to repaint the Humvee and make it a little less militaristic-looking as soon as funding becomes available.

So what do you, my dear readers, think? Is the Captain implying that the police are running around in their armored vehicle recovering two weapons a month? Or perhaps he's admitting that the police are plenty nervous because of the perception of more guns in our society. I wonder if the media requested any proof regarding all the weapons being recovered. I discussed the problem Noam Chomsky first pointed out in my published story JusThis. Reporters just bobble head and report the way the police dish it up. Let me quote Noam . . . "Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media." Read that quote twice, it's important.

What about the mentioned paint job? Perhaps a fine coat of pink would do. Or, how about dressing it up to look like an ice cream truck, complete with music and that sort of thing. That way fleeing felons would end up tripping over kids who are dashing to the truck. How about giving out free ice cream for every weapon presented to the officers hiding behind the armor?

First round goes to the ACLU. The police state has landed in the middle of paranoid America and the cops are promising to paint military equipment so it isn't military looking anymore. I'm not buying it. Where has the notion of community based policing went? If you're wondering how the incident in the photo ended up it went like this. The suspect who was thought to be armed scooted before the militarized police showed up. He was taken into custody later in a more conventional manner. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge gone so terribly wrong, dead chickens, and comments from my journey across America.

I had to support Curt Albright, after he demanded that a prosecutor do his job. So far, the prosecutor won't return calls from Albright or the media.  Check it out if ya have a minute.

Just plain horrible. What did ALS have to do with this?  The worst thing going.  Emily shared her thoughts as follows . . . Why? Because he said the truth? Different standards for whites and blacks. Not ALL, but for a large number of cops are racist and ignorant. Somehow they manage to become cops with a GED degree and then feel like they are all mighty powerful especially these small town cops. Disgusting.

When cops goof up there certainly doesn't appear to be much empathy. I heard thoughts and concerns while on the road this summer. One young man was stopped in Craig, Colorado for speeding and he swore up and down that he wasn't. A young lady in North Platte, Nebraska thanked me for my thoughts in Brand of Justice. She told the officer he couldn't search her vehicle and felt 'empowered' when she said no. I tossed in the word 'empowered' by the way to shorten this post up. Oh, yes, the young lady in North Carolina who had been stopped by a trooper on three separate occasions after leaving her place of employment, a Tavern. She complained. Her side and the officers were heard in a meeting. It looked like it was her word against his. The officer evidently forgot some of the vulgar words and name calling that had been going on. Just before the meeting ended the young ladies attorney mentioned that the incident had been recorded. The end result was a month off without pay for the trooper. I wrote my first two books in an effort to shed some light on the dark side of law enforcement. To improve an understanding between authority and those who live under it.

Finally . . . an 87 year old man, Joseph, mentioned that he thought it was just plain wrong for that policeman to have been beating that woman with his fists on that LA freeway. Why in my day, you just didn't touch a woman let alone punch her frecken' lights out.

One things for sure . . . the law enforcement community is being seen in a different light. Here's to positive change my friends. Oh, if ya didn't have time to read about Curt's complaint . . . don't eat chicken from Prince Poultry. That outfit just plain don't get it. Period. See ya tomorrow on this blog, keep the thoughts and concerns coming my way.

  Why?  Because he said the truth? Different standards for whites and blacks. Not ALL, but a large number of cops are racists and ignorant. Somehow they managed to become cops with a GED degree and then feel like they are all mighty powerful especially these small town cops.  Disgusting! Why?  Because he said the truth? Different standards for whites and blacks. Not ALL, but a large number of cops are racists and ignorant. Somehow they managed to become cops with a GED degree and then feel like they are all mighty powerful especially these small town cops.  Disgusting!  Why?  Because he said the truth? Different standards for whites and blacks. Not ALL, but a large number of cops are racists and ignorant. Somehow they managed to become cops with a GED degree and then feel like they are all mighty powerful especially these small town cops.  Disgusting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good Thing 'bout Ferguson

Okay, lets get this straight. We've been discussing the need to demilitarize the police in this land of liberty for what . . . like 6 or 7 months. Right? Now the President is recognizing the fact of the matter due to the Ferguson incident. President Obama could learn a lot from this blog. It all starts with education. Reading, listening to other points of view and on and on. Pick up a copy of Brand of Justice Mr. President and read away.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My thoughts on Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Missouri PD

Granted . . . I'm dealing with dished up info from the media. We saw in my story . . . JusThis how things are spun. So that being said, consider this. Micheal Brown is in a store and pushes someone into a display and punches the gal who was working at the counter. Brown is an enormous 18 year old, unarmed man, in a nasty mood. He's walking down the street and is told by Officer Wilson to get to the sidewalk. Wilson doesn't know he's just encountered someone who walked out of a store with cigars. Micheal Brown knows full well and must be wondering what's going to go down 'as in is he going to get busted? A struggle ensures in the car. Initially it was reported that the cop was trying to pull Brown into the car but I know, no cop is going to do that. There is a struggle over the Officers' weapon and shots ring out. Brown starts leaving the area but then spins on the officer and charges according to one account. He was 6' 4' and is shot in the top of the head. Sounds to me like he could have been leaning towards the officer. The witness who was in the store with Brown failed to mention the robbery. I'm inclined to believe from what I've heard so far that this was a justified use of deadly force. Browns actions put Officer Wilson in a horrible spot. Brown was unarmed but I get the feeling he could've been interested in arming himself at the Officers expense. One last thought. Why would a racist officer shoot someone, because they're black, in broad daylight?

My thoughts go out to Officer Wilson. One witness said he had a dazed and confused look on his face. That is the proper response, in my humble opinion, to having just taken a human life. Policing is a difficult profession.

As the readers of my stories know, I take opportunities to call out the bad cops for their actions. This time around, I'm getting the feeling that once the dust settles, there will be no arrest. This appears to be a justified use of deadly force.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

From Robert Nelson to Steven Zelich

It's never really been safe out there . . . my stories just highlight the good, the bad and the ugly. I expect to be back in the swing of things soon. Did you guys miss me while I was running around the Big Apple?

Authorities exhume body in 1980 murder Technology may help ID victim

Published 10:13am Thursday, August 14, 2014
BLUE EARTH — Authorities exhumed the body Tuesday of a woman discovered dead in 1980 in a rural Blue Earth drainage ditch in hopes of discovering her identity with new technology.
The woman, known by police as Jane Doe, was dug out of the Riverside Cemetery in Blue Earth by the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, according to a press release.
A farmer originally discovered Jane Doe on May 30, 1980, in rural Blue Earth in a drainage ditch along Interstate 90 between the Blue Earth and Frost exit.
The perpetrator, Robert Leroy Nelson, was an on-duty Minnesota State Patrol trooper. He confessed to the crime nine years later. The woman was an apparent hitchhiker.
The press release states the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office has received hundreds of leads during the last 34 years on the identity of the woman, and officials hope an accurate record of her DNA profile could match her to any of her family members.
Also assisting with the investigation and exhumation was the Southern Minnesota Regional Medical Examiner’s Office, the Midwest Association of Forensic Scientists, a forensic anthropologist, the Blue Earth Police Department, Patton Funeral Home, Faribault County Attorney Troy Timmerman, G&S Drainage and Excavation and The Riverside cemetery maintenance and grounds crew.
Anyone with information about Jane Doe or the case is asked to contact the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office at 507-5276-5148.