Friday, September 19, 2014

Great Job Policing in small town America.

Well, we've been discussing issues regarding the police. In little ol' Austin last winter the police addressed an issue regarding a possibly armed suspect by rolling out the military hardware. Troop Transport, helmets, soldier outfits. The whole militarized deal I've been harping on. The suspect got away. Well after a shooting the other day, neighbors gave the police a description of the suspect vehicle. Instead of a 'Police State Military Response' the police opted for a civilian police response i.e. 'Community Based Policing'. It worked. They arrested a suspect. Nice job. No stand off. No needless overtime or frightened neighborhoods.

I discussed investigative procedures a couple of posts ago. Apparently baseball bats were used in an assault. You may recall a couple weeks ago that I discussed a convenience store being robbed with bats. Is there something to this modus operandi fitting with the robbery? Lets hope the Chief knows what this word means and how to look into the matter.

I received this message from a reader and chuckled. This was an action detailed in Brand of Justice! I'm tellin' ya I was a cop too long to not have these experiences impact my stories! . . . Officers found Price getting into his silver jaguar in front of his home at the 800 block of Fifth Street Northeast, according to the complaint. Police saw a .357 caliber bullet sitting on top of insulation in an unfinished wall inside Price’s garage, where they later found several more bullets and a Ruger LCR .357 magnum revolver.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Against All Odds . . .

Looks to me like the Chief (detailed in yesterdays post) can handle a press conference! He wrote himself up a script and read it without flubbing it up this time. I'm impressed. Now I guess it's onward to infinity and beyond.

Oh, this just in. Positive changes in the offing?

Sept 17 (Reuters) - Los Angeles schools' police said on Tuesday it would give up three grenade launchers it acquired for free through a federal program now facing mounting scrutiny for supplying local agencies with military-grade equipment, the L.A Times newspaper reported.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shooting in Austin. Can the Chief handle a Press Conference? Don't bet on it!

Yesterday I mentioned a Chief and his inability to perform his duties. He is very inexperienced and refuses to educated himself on matters regarding public service. Oh sure, he studied manuals and came up five star bars to pin on his uniform so he looks the part. But it's the same ol' story when push comes to shove. I'm thinking the Press Conference will be handled by someone other than the Chief.

Yesterday I pointed out that this Chief was referencing DNA to solve crimes where DNA would never be used. I mentioned how his fella botched a Press Conference regarding a robbery. He should have refrained from using police lingo and described the suspects and asked for input from the community instead of concentrating on putting all kinds of yellow tape around the crime scene.

A reporter told me that the Chief acts like a deer in headlights. An officer told me when the Captain takes off and the Chief is left to run the department that he comes up with all kinds of goofy stuff. The officers bid their time with the knowledge that the Captain will straighten things out upon his return.

On the good side, this Chief is morally sound and conducts his personal life beyond reproach. He's just naive and has no idea how to be a Chief. I'll let y'all know how this plays out. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back in Minnesota-What's Next?

Good god it's chilly back in the Midwest or perhaps I'm not used to it. Here's the deal. Readers of this blog certainly must be getting the feeling that we are digging into issues long before they come to a head. What's next? What do we need to dig into? Email me if that's where your comfort zone is. You can also post directly to this blog and I will not know who in the hell ya are. Promise.

In the land where I hail out of it seems the alleged law violators are winning. First, several are shot at the Lansing Corners Eatery. The Sheriff is in the media collecting DNA but no arrests have ever occurred. Next, the militarized police move in on a house where they thought a car jacking suspect was hiding out. After a day long stand-off it was discovered the suspect had scooted. Then, the police attempt to stop a car but it drives off as the cop is walking up to the drivers side door. The squad speeds off to apprehended the naughty driver only to find it's been abandoned. But wait. A stocking cap was found in a yard. The Chief of Police puts his ignorance on public display by claiming the hat was going to be DNA tested to determine the identity of the suspect. Then finally, several individuals walked into a Convenience Store and struck employees with bats and robbed the place. The Chief jumps in front of cameras and uses words like perpetrator, female, male, suspects and more and more cop lingo. Oh, tons of yellow tape was strung around the store, but yet, nobody has been taken into custody.

On the positive side, the cops seem rather adapt at nailing traffic violations. I don't know. I suppose another positive would be the public, that is served and protected, has a short memory. Everyone seems focused on what's gonna happen as opposed to what has happened and just what could be done to improve things. Yeap . . . my friend Moose seemed to sum it up best. If ya wanna get away with crime move to . . .

Monday, September 15, 2014

So big guy, what do you think of Kenneth Green being found innocent?

Great question. Kenneth Green is involved in a shoot out with the police and is dumped in jail for 25 months facing something like 48 counts of this and that. He's offered plea deals and the media has a hay day with this case. Then in no time flat a jury finds Kenneth innocent. I suppose there are some out there who still maintain this could never happen to them. I wrote a book my friends, called Brand of Justice. Hell, I could have called it Kenneth's story.

The Citizens Side.

The Cops Side.

So what do I think? I believe the jury got this right. I believe the system owes Kenneth big time. The crack about pallbearers. Really? I believe the Chief Investigative Reporter at ABC 7 News, Chuck Goudie sounds like he's been sucking up to cops for too long. Remember Chuck, it happened to Kenneth . . . and it could happen to you!

Finally, isn't it high time we learn from our mistakes? Isn't it high time we strive for improvements? 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The 911 Memorial

Staring up at the exact point of impact begs the question . . . How can a gulf separate humanity to the point where so much death and destruction must deliberately occur?

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Reviewers Reaction to a Reviewers Reaction involving Brand of Justice

I agree with this reaction from a previously posted comment . . . regarding 'maybe'. In these times of Mike Brown, Militarized Police, Misconduct of Prosecutors, False Arrests and Wrongful Convictions do we have to struggle with this issue???

I absolutely love the plot line of this novel. With a really good edit, this novel would be terrific. However, because the word maybe is "may be" and the wrong form of "there" is used several times, I could not give it more stars.

What the fuck is this person smoking? I have read books with errrrors far worse than this and never gave it a thought. I have seen things like BGF which could mean just about anything and the book still got great reviews.

I think this person is just trying to get attention and hoping to get a sharp reply and then attack again defening their position.

I hope you iked all of the miss use of words my friend, cus I am laughing my ass off right now.

You Old Rodeo Clown