Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Other Side of The Coin

My style of writing demands I banish feelings of hate and vindictiveness. With this being said, I'll post another review from a reader who indicates she actually read Brand of Justice.

on February 22, 2014
Mr Rude's keen sense for detail has the reader immersed within the scene every step of the way..."Brand of Justice"
is going to create a Brobdingnagian impact in the murder/mystery scene! The plot, one thinks at first is spelled out, 
until ah-ha! Nope, not what you'd expect...there it went and twisted and turned again. Between the completely
enthralling storyline and the truth of the matter of things in law enforcement that no one else but Mr Rude has the 
guts to reveal, "Brand of Justice" is undeniably, hands-down a must read and you won't put it down til you're done!

This just in, I'm headed back to The Junkyard in Sioux City, this weekend.
By the way, this is the brightest smile in Iowa.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This from Jerimie Hicks (Serving 100 years in Montana).

Please read the following passage from Jerimie.

It only takes a second for things to go wrong - you can never get it back again. True character comes out in the darkest moments of struggle. Only after feeling horrific pain did I see the justice system for what it is. An evil puppet show, where prosecuting attorneys hold all the strings. They get to prance around, play on emotion, twist and destroy truths in their lust for convictions. Only those stained by the "Justice Puppet Show" will ever understand. Brand of Justice does happen!

We've considered one opinion yesterday. Little different from today, isn't it? Both statements ring with true emotion and heartfelt feelings. My style of writing comes from understanding and shedding light on issues. I am not in it to push my agenda and get so and so. I am in it to understand. To build on the truth of the matter for a better tomorrow. What about suicide bombers? My latest story attempts to understand the person behind the violence. My place on earth does not involve name calling and judging. Brand of Justice was written about wrongful incarcerations. If you think that doesn't happen Google away. The story has the perfect murders in it. I know because I asked Mayo medical staff and a captain from the Chicago area if the story was plausible.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Abusive Amazon Reviews?

This is an example of a one star review left for Brand of Justice. . .

I did not, nor will I, read this book. This man says he attended the trial of Jerimie Hicks? Who he quotes on the back of the book? If he did then he saw video testimony of Jerimie admitting he bashed in a little girls head, and then put her in pajamas and left her upstairs in her bed to die while he tried to clean the evidence. To quote him and portray him as a victim completely sickens me... Mr. Rude the real victim was Kaelyn Serene Bray... She was three... And Jerimie showed his character when he hurt her, and left her injured for hours. How dare you profit from my sisters heartbreak.

Look, I appreciate the point of view of all folks. Some of you have suggested that posts like the one above is not proper. Some feel it merely bashes Brand of Justice. I can understand why you'd say this. If I were to have Amazon strike these posts as abusive, would I not be censoring thoughts about my work? Obviously this individual is pained by the death of a loved one. She expresses her thoughts and I respect her for it. I also respect the opinion of the individual who was convicted in the death of the little girl. His thoughts are on the back of the book and no, he is not a part of the story. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Your Attention Please

As per Chucks comment and messages sent my way, I have posted an excerpt of the story I've recently finished. It is on my website. Just hit the link to the right of this page and read away. Please feel free to share any thoughts or concerns.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Now Hear This

Curt, many thanks for the excerpt. I loved it. You put effort into the story-line! You could have went the easy route but no, like a true novelist, you took the difficult path. Surprises were the result. New direction for your readers and they are going to appreciate it. Many Thanks - Chuck

Well many thanks to you, Chuck, for taking the time. I know you, as well as all authors are busy souls. I appreciate it. I'd like to also thank RLW Editorial Services for never giving up. Many hours of haggling, but a story was told. . . that had to be told.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Curt Rude Answers Comment from Yesterday

Judgment of others is a dangerous thing. There is a need for judgment or there would be lawlessness, on the other hand judgment of others because they are different is, well, just that... different. What every happened to respect? Respect of others, respect of oneself, respect of life... different times, scary times.

It is upon us to improve The Justice System to insure those who are judged are judged correctly. Nothing worse than a false arrest - coerced confession - wrongful incarceration.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Rings True

Oh how true, ya think?

Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart bigger.