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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Answer #6 Purchase?

You've been like totally yammering on and on, but so why can't we buy it already?

I will never reveal identities unless and when someone gives me the go ahead. In this case I do not know the actual identity of the gal who asked this question in Winona recently (Warrior?) but anyways here goes . . . This whole writing a book deal is sooo much more than banging out a manuscript. I did that in no time flat but then started the editing process with the best editor in the world. Next the cover had to be designed and was done so in Salt Lake City. After this it's onward to interior designing and formatting. End is near dear. After this process is complete it's onward to Kindle, Smashwords, Apple and Amazon for paperbacks. So what's the answer - I don't know but will keep you posted as to the when thee ole' books out. Regards, oh and keep the questions coming.

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