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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Answer #19 Book Availability

Good evening, I enjoyed the first part of the book, is it out yet, or is it available to download? I would be very interested in purchasing it in the downloaded form. I hope life has been going in a positive direction for you and your family!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the first part of the book. You know a lot of folks would never want to be cops for all the issues they encounter. I have captured what I feel is the essence of policing without out the glamorizing deal. No big bad cops chasing down bad guys and thumping them. If anyone wants to encounter fictionalized accounts of Dirty Harry beating the world right watch Eastwood films. My stories regard real cops, on the streets bumping into all kinds of human behavior. Realistic, dark, sexual, life and death stuff. Also a boss (chief) causes problems until a bird lands in his life. Who hasn't had a bad boss-right. Thanks Dianne Stevens for this question. I hope it's available on Kindle, Nook, iStore and on paperback from Amazon in just a matter of days.  

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