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Monday, October 15, 2012

Answer #21 I wanted to read more.

Jennie posted the following impressions of the first part of the book. Vivid, blood curdling descriptions.  I read it so quickly. And the last line, "Suddenly realized I had looked into those eyes before." Oh the tension. I wanted to read more.

Thanks for the feedback. I feel I have earned the right to tell this all too important story regarding the Human Monster. In these times where we have an innocent little girl hounded to her death (Amanda Todd) or a Joker gunning down innocent folks in a theater it was high time to deliver this message. The Human Monster's behavior and decision making are explored in this writing. Certain individuals are suddenly thrust into a struggle of life and death in this realistic tale of human behavior. At the conclusion of this story, readers will realize that monsters are not make believe.

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