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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Answer #23 Fear

Online post regarding a youngster holding up a sign denouncing religious activists. It's good to see a kid who stands for what he believes in without fear. Sounds like you.

Thanks for the compliment. I figure you have to jump in and make the most out of opportunities to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Sometimes you can't just turn a blind eye to looming problems. Take me and my participation on the schoolboard as an example. Employees of the district were tormented and needed to have personnel practices implemented to insure a checks and balances vs the administration. There was a perception that I was the enemy or something by the Administration. I earn my way and wanted no special favors from the District. I felt I had to serve respectably to promote positive changes that needed to be made. Without my knowledge, a fellow board member, David Simonson, was calling my boss before he even got out of bed to point out that I had attacked the Superintendent (which was found to be a lie), was not acting like myself blah-blah-blah. After this the Superintendent called my boss a ton of times one morning to demand that I be "called off" for whatever that means. Long story short, I was terminated by the Superintendents' former colleague who chaired the Police Civil Service Commission. I also was the first schoolboard member to ever be voted off a board in Minnesota. I took it as an honor. I stood up for people who needed relief in the workplace and am still thanked for my efforts. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do it the same way? No, I'd be more prudent and less trusting the second go round. Would I ever run for the schoolboard again? No. Life's too short and I just don't want to be bullied by Kathy Green any longer. Every meeting we had she'd glare and grunt . . . "YOU FELON!" It was kinda funny at first. But then it got sorta sickening. It's like, get a life Kath, take some of your Methodist faith out of church on Sundays. You'd be better for it I tell ya. The positive side to this is the  School District is currently implementing measures to deal with bullying and Kathy would be a phenomenal resource . . . it takes one to know one - Right?

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